Behind the Scenes

"My ship - my crew!" The TALKING MONEY team at the Berlin premiere (Filmtheater am Friedrichshain).
First shooting day with Caroline Ahivodji at Bank of Africa, Cotonou, Benin.
Students collecting their tuition grants at this BOA branch.
When looking for great sound recording in Benin, ask Corneille Houssou!
Ecobank Headquarter, Cotonou, Benin.
Simone de Souza with Alain Assankpon and Sound Recordist Corneille Houssou at the office for medium sized businesses at Ecobank, Cotonou.
Saying goodbye to Benin after a great shooting experience with assistant director Ines Johnson-Spain, sound recordist Corneille Houssou and production assistant Ben Djossou Amede.
Getting ready at the Cooperativa Hospicio in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Waiting with Karla Franco between bank customer meetings.
Alvaro Olmos Torricos is a good friend - and a great assistant director.
The consultation room at TBC Bank, Tbilisi. Georgia.
Co-producer and assistant director Zaza Rusadze checking our first recordings at TBC Bank Tbilisi, Georgia.
Pristine sound work in the making, by sound recordist Niko Tarielashvili.
Took good care of us: TBC's public relations manager Anka Totibadze.
A field trip to the Headquarter of Melli Bank in Teheran. We would have loved to shoot here, but permission wasn't granted.
Putting first pieces together with Editor Frederik Bösing.
Following up funny ideas in Napoli with long time friend and sound recordist Markus CM Schmidt.
Starting our work at BCC di Napoli with Presidente Dottore Amedeo Manzo.
Getting ready for the Marinaro brothers Gigi and Agostino at the office of Direttore Generale Luigi Gallo.
At the office of branch manager Antonio Tedeschi (left), with and Pietro Amorosi.
Thanks to assistant director Carmen Té we successfully finished shooting in Napoli.
Arriving at the Islamic Banking Branch of Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd. Karachi, Pakistan.
With branch manager Ahmed Shah Khattak, sound recordist and assistant director Till Passow and production assistent and translator Marium Mirza.
Behind the teller desk in Karachi.
Our camera coping with humidity and heat in Karachi.
Filming at Mr. Geier's office at Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse Potsdam, Germany.
David Krautzig on screen.
TALKING MONEY can drive you nuts at times. Sound recordist Johannes Schneeweiß and assistant director Nicole Schink.
After a hot week in Babelsberg only ice cream can help. With branch manager Björn Geier and assistant director Nicole Schink.
Our favorite park for lunch picnic breaks in Zurich, Switzerland.
Our temporary workplace at Alternative Bank Schweiz, Zurich.
Shooting with these two is a LOT of fun – assistant director Manuela Ruggeri and sound recordist Johannes Schneeweiß in Zurich.
Christmas can come for sound recordist Frederik Bösing and me. Last shooting day at Illinois Service Federal Bank, Bronzeville, Chicago. One of the last existing black-owned bank, founded in 1937, when afroamericans couldn't take out loans at 'normal' banks. Every Saturday they serve donuts for their customers.
ISF lobby and teller desk.
Pancake lunch for sound recordist Frederik Bösing and assistant director Chere Lott.
TALKING MONEY USA: production homestay, car & driver.
Editor Frederik Bösing and director Sebastian Winkels - after seven months of editing.
Color grading with 5k raw files is a pleasure! Especially with Nils Peterson rocking the keys at The Post Republic, Hamburg !
Sound mixer Dominik Schleier and sound editor Simeon Papst whipping it out on the sound stage.
Finest last touches accomplished at The Post Republic, Berlin.
TALKING MONEY in Switzerland - sold out, of course! Our World Premiere on April 25th at Visions Du Reel, Nyon.
Minister of dramaturgie Simon Brückner, editor Frederik Bösing and director Sebastian Winkels will go celebrating now.